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UBS is focused on providing our clients and their family members—regardless of participation in the health plan—with expedited access to healthcare services. We assist with many healthcare issues that may arise unexpectedly. UBS will make every effort to work within the provider network; however, when this is not possible, UBS has the flexibility of working outside of provider network constraints to ascertain the most beneficial outcome possible on behalf of our client. UBS does not offer health insurance coverage or medical advice, but rather solution-oriented enhancements and education to our members at the time of crisis.


• Identify centers of excellence

• Arrange for second opinions

• We find and schedule, for you, the top surgeons and rehab facilities for your specific injury within your network

• Assist in coordinating diagnostic testing as indicated

• Ensure transfer of necessary medical documentation and test results including x-ray films to a consulting physician’s appointment

• Research, locate, and help review private nursing options and home health aides

• Facilitate hospice evaluation and services

• Assist with locating assisted living facilities or group homes and arrange for evaluation for admission

• Personal support in navigating the healthcare system, 8 am to 6 pm PST Monday to Friday

• Assistance finding doctors and facilities within your network

• Connecting you to RNs who can help offer education about your tests, treatments, or medications.

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