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Preventative Wellness Silver – At what age do you plan on dying? WHAT??? DYING, Me? Yes, you. We all die, the question is simply when, how, and what will we endure at the end of our lives. When was your last Wellness Checkup? The terms in health and wellness are thrown around so randomly, do you even know the definition of wellness? Are you worried about your general health and well-being as you age?
If we could show you some core elements of health that would positively impact your health, your longevity, and maybe even the path you will endure for the rest of your life, would you be willing to make some small, consistent changes in your lifestyle choices today?

The “Reverse and Prevent” mantra we espouse and practice with our membership has documented efficacy in clinical results. The combined overall health of our membership base shows a declining trend in chronic illness, weight challenges, even in behavioral health issues.


• Weight Loss Program
• Fitness Program
• Nutritional Services & Products
• Stress Reduction Program
• Smoking Cessation
• Women’s Health
• Men’s Health
• Senior Health
• Holistic Well-Being

Taking Care – Taking Charge Action Plan – We help set your action plan into practice. You schedule your follow up wellness visits with your practitioners to keep your commitments to your exceptional health. We maximize your success by utilizing the following support methods:

• Individualized dietitian and fitness evaluations
• Client wellness counseling
• Personal recommendations
• Biometrics
• Education and webinars
• Motivational coaching designed to optimize each member’s chances of meeting their
   individual goals

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